LinuxAcademy Guides


During my work as a freelance technical writer on LinuxAcademy, I wrote multiple guides on how to use different technologies focused on developers.

With help from LinuxAcademy reviewers I was able to create and publish multiple guides in english (even when my mother tongue is spanish language). It was a huge self-development process which really improves not only my english, but also my written skills.

• How to install MEAN on Ubuntu 16.04

Guide about how to install MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) on Ubuntu 16.04. In this guide I also explain how to create a project using boilerplate as an example.

• Introduction to MongoDB

Introductory guide about MongoDB. This guide explains the main differences between document-oriented database (such as MongoDB) and more classical approaches like relational-databases (SQL). Furthermore, it also contains information about how to install it and how to make most common operations (CRUD) using a terminal.

• Introduction to Node.js

Node.js introductory guide. This guide covers what is Node.js, what are the main differences with Apache, how to install it, how to create our first simple server and a few tips.

• Lab: Installing the MEAN stack with Ansible

This lab introduces people to Ansible and how it can be used to automate the MEAN stack installation.

• Install the MEAN stack on Vagrant

Guide about how to install the MEAN stack on a Vagrant machine. This guide covers topics such as provisioning, port configuration or synced folders.

• Lab: Installing the MEAN stack on Docker

This lab introduces people to Docker and how can it be used to automate the MEAN stack installation. From Docker installation to a MEAN project fully working.

For over 6 years I've been working on different types of projects, from simple landing pages connected to services like Mailchimp or Stripe, to digital business hosted on AWS used by thousands of people daily.

Do you have a project in mind? Need help with your AWS? Any design that needs to be coded? Some development process looking for a little boost?