BlueBottleBiz App

Mobile App
Push Notifications
In-App Purchases

In collaboration with Aluxion Labs, I helped them to create the mobile App for BlueBottleBiz, an online platform focused on collaborative learning for enterprises around the world.

This App has everything a user can do on BlueBottleBiz (including multi language in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and German), plus some specific features for mobile devices such as push notifications and In-App purchases.

BlueBottleBiz AppBlueBottleBiz AppBlueBottleBiz AppBlueBottleBiz App

For over 6 years I've been working on different types of projects, from simple landing pages connected to services like Mailchimp or Stripe, to digital business hosted on AWS used by thousands of people daily.

Do you have a project in mind? Need help with your AWS? Any design that needs to be coded? Some development process looking for a little boost?