I'm Fran Verona,
I develop web projects|

From an idea to a project. From your business to your clients. With over +6 years of professional experience, I can help you create your project from the first line of code to your first sale.
I honestly have nothing but great things to say about Fran. Fran has worked on two projects so far and both of them have been outstanding! He is extremely professional and performs amazing work on schedule or faster. When he does have to make a decision on the project, he has always made the right one. His skill and intuition are top notch!

Other projects

Besides my regular work, I also like to create new small projects. All of them are available for free on Github. Feel free to use, submit pull requests, or fork them if you like.
LoadGo is a Javascript plugin for using your logo as a progress bar.
See on Github →
LoadGo For Wordpress
Wordpress plugin for using your logo as a loader using PACE and LoadGo.
See on Github →
jEmoji is a plugin which provides you a simple way to let your users type emojis in your input forms.
See on Github →

For over 6 years I've been working on different types of projects, from simple landing pages connected to services like Mailchimp or Stripe, to digital business hosted on AWS used by thousands of people daily.

Do you have a project in mind? Need help with your AWS? Any design that needs to be coded? Some development process looking for a little boost?